For wow-factor extraordinaire, it’s the roof deck that confirms you are in one of the very few properties in the city to truly capture the complete essence of Vancouver. Presented as if laid out on a silver platter are the city’s main attractions – sailing boats in the harbour, snowy peaks on the mountains – where the design of this home allows the surrounding beauty to prevail. It is easy to see from this lofty vantage point why Vancouver consistently has top-three ranking in the list of the world’s most livable cities.

It needs far more than a moment to take it all in. In fact every day will reveal something different – this is Vancouver at its absolute finest, the very definition of a sense of place.

With the property positioned on the crest of the hill, the continuous panoramic views from its rooftop deck spanning Lighthouse Park across to Mount Baker will never be challenged. With bald eagles soaring overhead, one can only bask in this unparalleled feature of the home.

Even the stairs leading up to the roof deck have been given extensive consideration. The surface is an industrial material that was imported from New York which provides traction and easy maintenance if it is wet outside, and space-saving drawers intelligently incorporated into the side-lit stairs can store table linens and party accoutrements for the deck.

Ascending to the deck is akin to stepping out into a whole new world, a world that gives the star treatment to any rooftop gathering.

A logical divide has been formed between the lounge area and the dining area. Comfortable counter-level seating for four people is served via the dumbwaiter which transports food and beverages directly from the main floor adjacent to the kitchen.

With the focus on optimizing the relaxation dial, the deck has been presciently equipped with a complete wiring system to power a 10-person hot tub, and a gas outlet that can be hooked up to a fire pit. In addition, there are further gas outlets for a barbecue, water connections to hose down the deck, and numerous electrical outlets.

Revel in the annual fireworks against the backdrop of the city, admire the brilliant sunsets over a glass of wine, or contemplate the dazzling night skies, this contemporary, modern and inviting arena will give any event full klieg-light treatment and is, quite simply, without equal.