In expanding the house, the lower floor was completely repurposed and more than 400 square feet added to the dimensions of the home – all with City approval. Custom steel beams and parallams were added to reinforce the width of the house and prevent natural sagging in the years to come.

Leading-edge home automation capabilities for audio-visual, lighting, electrics, and telephone have been fully integrated. The newest electrical panel is located in the fitness room to give easy access for the homeowner. It has been geared for future increased capacity such as the potential to install a 10-person hot tub with full electrical connections on the roof deck.

Completing the layout of this lower floor is a sequence of rooms found through the final door that leads off the foyer. Meeting the business needs of the day is a substantial office/den that provides a quiet haven for concentration. Suspended tempered glass shelving has been brought in from California to accommodate objects and books, and custom-made headers with directional lighting are finished in stainless steel. The equipment for the adjacent home theatre is also housed in here, and a corner shelving unit in matching glass and stainless-steel materials, offers a setting to show off collectibles.

A cedar-lined closet offers more storage options, and shoulder-height doorways provide ready access to some of the home’s built-in machinery such as the HVAC and the vacuum system.

For the oenophiles in the family, an elegant 1,100-bottle wine cellar lined in quality birch and with double-depth racks is set adjacent to the office. A climate-controlled environment ensures the collection is perfectly preserved and ready to serve, and an alcove allows for wine glass storage and to display prominent labels.

A custom-built door – designed to open and not disturb the wine – accommodates the house’s twin water heaters which provide radiant heat throughout the entirety of the home.

And with a final flourish of entertainment, the show-stopping home theatre – sound isolated and residing behind a three-inch door for added sound proofing – provides the perfect antidote to a rainy day or capping off dinner with a movie. Its giant 90-inch screen, 7.1 speaker distribution, and advanced 4K JVC projector lend a superior quality to any film, giving viewers a veritable front-row experience. Hanging art glass shelves display records, books and DVDs – all lined up for the next viewing (or listening) pleasure.